49 Chevy Fleetline

Well, here we are on the way home. Lucked out and got a trailer for the same price as a tow dolly, which made dad breath much easier!

We got it home safe and sound. Here it is in front of the shop parked next to the previous Chevy I got off eBay several years ago to rebuild. Up for sale it goes now that I have this one that is in MUCH better shape!

Let's start going around the outside. Mostly a solid car. It's been redone before, but by who and when I am not sure. Someone somewhere along the line changed the split windshield to the one piece Oldsmobile windshield....which saves me some work, since that was on the list to do and I already had one on hand to install. Guess now I have a spare! :) Also, it appears whoever did the bodywork last time around filled several dents with bondo before knocking them out. There are some spots on the roof and under the trunk lid cracking out and an odd dent beside the rear window that most of the bondo has popped out. Also, it looks like someone started to dechrome the driver's side, as much of the trim is removed and several holes areas are bondoed over.

Here is a closer shot of the panel under the trunk lid. From inside, it does not appear rusty, but is dented some and several holes are bondoes over. So, this looks like the work of a body man who did not straighten the panel or fill holes for the liscence lights before putting on the goop. If worse comes to worse, I have replacement panels I purchased for the other car I can use.

Here's that dent by the back window. How you figure that got there?

Here is the driver's door. From the grind marks, paint stripping and bondoed trim hole above the window, looks like someone started to shave off all the trim. I also found a solenoid in the parts in the trunk that is used for opening the doors when the door handles are removed, so I'm guessing that's where the guy was going since the paint is ground off at the handle, too.

The driver's rear fender has been messed with as well, with bondoed over trim holes and fender seams. Originally, there was a chrome strip that ran over the top of the fender from front to back. I don't have those pieces, but was going to take them off anyhow. The stainless rock guards for the front of the fender were in the trunk.

Under the car is real solid. Everything is still undercoated and was once painted gold. The only real rust I find is the drivers inner rocker panel. I'll have to replace that at some point. Don't know if I can do it from behind yet or if I'll have to take of the outer rocker, too to get to it. A problem for another day. I do find it odd that the driver's side is so badly rusted, but the passenger side is not rusted at all.

Moving inside, the interior was also redone at some point, but showing it's age now. The windlace is completely off on the driver's side, and nearly all the way off on the passenger side. The carpet in front is not attached and all over the place. The dash trim was all in the trunk and even includes two radios. That gives me 4 total and should bring some extra parts money to sell the extras. It came with the standard steering wheel without a horn, but I swapped out the deluxe wheel off the other Chevy so I can hook the horns back up. The wheel isn't in the best shape, but works for now until the '59 Olds steering column and wheel I have goes in. The seats are not ripped at all, but dirty. The headliner is also good. The door panels are a bit warped but will serve for now. The trunk is also nice and even has a solid spare tire well.

Moving on to the engine, nothing spectacular here. The guy I got it from and his friend tell me it is a 235 that has just been rebuilt. The wiring harness looks relatively new, but again, I don't know who did it or when. The carb is in desparate need of a rebuild and leaks gas all over the place at the moment. The accelerator linkage is figity and I think the clutch needs an adjustment as well. Starts easy and runs smooth. Should hold fine until the '54 Desoto hemi I have is all together and ready to install. For now, I'm just gonna drive it and have a little fun while I focus on getting the two other 50's and the wagons sold. Well, I might lower it and put on the chrome reversed wheels and wide whites I have planned! ;)

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